Arina Lanis

Arina Lanis, President, has been in the design business for over 10 years, in environments ranging from corporate intranets to magazine publishing. As owner and artistic director of Flavors Media, Arina oversees the creative aspects of all projects and ensures that each client receives the personal approach that ensures that their business reaps maximum benefit from each project, be it an entirely new website or simply a new brochure.

Arina has a passion for helping your business grow and prosper. She understands how to make great design move your business in new directions and to new heights.

As founder and Editor-in-Chief of St. Louis Entertains Magazine, Arina has appeared on television and been featured on numerous blogs from all over the country.

Steve Neumann

Steve Neumann, Chief Technical Officer, has been in the computer industry for nearly 15 years and is the technical lead on all programming projects, from interactive websites to large custom intranet projects. He also ensures that the "behind the scenes" technology on which our websites are built is first-class and tailored to the requirements of small businesses, regardless of their budget.

Steve's passion for programming began when he was a young student at St. Louis Priory School and continued at Rice University where he worked with world-reknowned professors to create applications both for research purposes and commercial distribution. In addition to his many years writing desktop and web applications, Steve's extensive experience with high-speed, high-reliability software and systems in the financial industry have given him the expertise required to build and manage a wide range of web applications to meet your needs.

Felicia McCaskill

Felicia McCaskill, Chief Design Director, has been in the design business for over 16 years in many design roles: Art Director, Senior Art Director, Creative Director, and Independent Contractor. Felicia (Fee) is also founder and principal owner of St. Louis-based Grafxworx, an independent creative design company. Fee branded her company in 2001 and credits her success to years of dedicated work ethics and fostering long term design relationships with her clients. Over the many years in Advertising and Design, Fee has served as Art and Creative Director for Haystack Toy Company, Everest Biomedical and Weintraub Advertising Agency.

Her other interests have ranged from restaurant branding and interior design to creating and publishing the book series, "Raising Babies in St. Louis" and "Raising Kids in St. Louis".

Fee credits her success to sixteen years of strong work ethics, fostering and nurturing long-term business relationships... and above all, her commitment to her clients.

Amanda Cook

Amanda Cook is a freelance journalist and PR professional who has spent her career working with some of St. Louis' most reknowned movers and shakers. She currently writes for the St. Louis Business Journal, the Webster Kirkwood Times, and the South County Times. Her public relations client list includes The Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch, St. Louis Entertains Magazine, The Old Webster Jazz Festival, and Jakala US.

Amanda lives in Webster Groves with her husband, Brian, and their five year old son, Michael.

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